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Hire Futra-Vest Construction for brick column construction and repair services in the San Angelo, TX area

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Don't worry if your brick wall is starting to crumble. Our masonry experts can repair or replace it. Futra-Vest Construction does masonry work in San Angelo, Texas and surrounding areas. We can sit down with you, go over your retaining wall needs and install or repair your brick retaining wall ASAP. Our masons use quality bricks to build durable retaining walls and columns. You can trust us to do maintenance work on your brick retaining walls, columns and siding as needed.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about the masonry work our experts can do for you.

Keep your topsoil from eroding away

Futra-Vest Construction takes on brick column construction and retaining wall installation projects in the San Angelo, Texas area. A brick retaining wall can:

  • Provide support for soil beds
  • Prevent flooding and erosion
  • Add security to your property
  • Improve the appearance of your landscape
Reach out to us right away to arrange for brick retaining wall, siding or column construction services. You can count on us to complete your brick column construction project without delay.